Plumbing Problems? We're The Solution!.

If you're having issues with your pipes, then look no further! Shore Channel Plumbing & Heating offers the best service available for all of your plumbing needs. You can choose the option that fits you, whether it's a residential plumbing service, emergency plumbing service, or a plumbing contractor. All promise high-quality work, no matter the job. Call or click today to get started!

Work Hours

Feel free to call us any time; we’re open night and day, every day. Even holidays!

Service Area

Our service area includes both Skokie and the rest of the beautiful Cook County area.

Our Services

A burst pipe repair, water heater repair, or clogged toilet repair after business hours can be stressful. Stop DIY-ing it, and let an emergency plumber handle it! Chores clogging up your to-do list while your schedule is filling up? A residential plumber can tackle your boiler service, heating service, and HVAC service, freeing up your schedule.

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